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Tara Barden Ostara Clinic Galway

My Story

I have been a practicing Complementary Therapist since 2012.

I began my career through my own healing journey, finding natural remedy and relief in the root treatments of eastern medicine and philosophy, where I addressed and holistically healed myself from digestive, skin and hormonal imbalances.

I graduated from the Acupuncture Foundation in Dublin and completed post graduate Licentiate training at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China. After which I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam, and where I first set up Ostara Clinic. Here, I also had a wonderful opportunity to train at the Hanoi National Hospital of Traditional Medicine, Vietnam.

I offer a trans-disciplinary

approach to body, mind and spirit integration, informed by traditional practices and modern biomedical research. My unique style blends my training in Nutrition, Ayurveda Massage, and energetic healing with Traditional Chinese Medicine, incorporating Dr Tan and the Five Element styles of Acupuncture.  

As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and guide my patients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives. 

If you need a positive and emphatic Natural Wellbeing Practitioner, please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out how I can help you regain your alignment and equilibrium.

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