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Recent Testimonials

Patient Feedback

This was my first experience with acupuncture and Tara made me feel totally at ease. Tara is really in depth with her wanting to figure out what could be the main problems with her questions and never made me feel uncomfortable for my answers. Acupuncture helped with my headaches I would get by easing them and eventually going away. she also gave great advice for after care which was easy to follow. Thank you Tara

Miche Shamrock

Tara helped me through a rough time of chronic shoulder pain (a year) and heightened anxiety and stress. I had tried so many things before coming to Tara for acupuncture and cupping. I could not recommend trying acupuncture and cupping with Tara more!

Jesika Kilian

I've been suffering from GERD for more than 5 years, consulted different doctors, visited a lot of hospitals, and taken a lot of medicines but all didn't work. I was so desperate to get rid of it, until I met Tara and helped me understand my condition. In the very first SESSION, I already felt a relief that's why I was positive by that time and I know acupuncture will help me get rid of my acid reflux. So I continued it for couple of weeks and yes, up to now I'm not experiencing any problems regarding acid reflux. I documented everything and wrote a blog about this, because I want to share to people how acupuncture helped me. And thanks to Tara, she's really nice and professional. Highly recommended!

 John Kevin Lumayn @ Juans Jouney

Tara really helped me with a couple of health issues I had. I could really reap the benefits after seeing her every week for a couple of months. Tara is very knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to health. Apart from the acupuncture, her advice on diet and lifestyle was very helpful too. Would definitely recommend seeing her!

Elena Ward